Woody, Sara and Chad

Although involved in both dog shows and sled dog racing since 1963, I discovered Border Terriers in 1983 when Woody visited my grooming shop. Woody was a retired super show dog, living here in Oregon with his dad, Joe Wheeler. I soon fell in love with Woody and the breed. He came to live with me in Jan 1986, and I was privileged to enjoy his company for many years, until he died at a ripe old age. While I was only one of many that Charlotte Wheeler's grand dog converted to the breed, I am glad to have shared  part of his life and career.

Before Woody came to live with me, I acquired the co-ownership of Ch. Jocasta Just Sara CG ROM  from my mentor Debra Janes Blake of  Jocasta Borders and Sara had a litter by Woody. Sara was the start of Terraholm Border Terriers and she completed my conversion and committed me to the Border Terrier breed.


In memory of The Foundation:

Woody ,
The start of it all.

Sara ,
The solid cornerstone

The 'super dog'

The British Gentleman

She was my very special "Special"

The last "Mom"


The current  Terraholm crew:

Piper , age 16
Champion and started in Obedience training

Hunter,  The last Champion, age 10
  and her little sister Rose. Age 8

About Dizzy, Rose's brother and agility champion

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