Three generations, Tai Tai, Dziwa and Ellie

I raced Siberian Huskies from 1969 to 1985 and competed  with them in obedience trials. Many of my Siberian lines are still found on teams in the U.S. and Australia, on everything from recreational to distance race teams, In the show ring through Des and Mary Cole's Nikita, Liz Marr's Takotna and Lee Hill's Indy kids. They have contributed to a couple of nice Alaskan Husky litters for Terry Hinesly.



In the "Meadow" and in the money at Beaver Marsh Oregon 1977.
Huskihaus Dmitri CD on lead.
Huskihaus Dziwa, Huskihaus Deska, Huskihaus Dekko and Huskihaus Buri


1977 the next day at Beaver Marsh, Deska takes a turn on Lead.
The next day they left for Alaska and the Iditarod


My dogs with my Ex., when he ran and finished the 1200
mile Iditarod Race 1977, At the top of Rainey Pass,
the four command leaders from the "D" litter,
Huskihaus Deska and Huskihaus Dziwa on Lead ,
Brothers Huskihaus Dmitri CD and Huskihaus Djela

Beaver Marsh 1981,  Huskihaus Dmitri CD on Lead
Boo the rescue dog, Huskihaus Dziwa,  
Huskihaus Echohawk CDX and Huskihaus Enook

Again at Beaver Marsh 1980,
Huskihaus Dmitri CD on Lead, Huskihaus Dziwa,
Huskihaus Deska, Huskihaus Arnulf CD
and Huskihaus Dekko 

Oregon Dune Mushers Mail Run 1981 near Carter Lake The Mail run is over aprox. 70 miles of the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area, North Bend to Florence
Running off a big Dune feels like running off the roof of a several story  high building!
Dmitri on lead and taking a  "Haw" (Turn left) command .This dune was extra scary because you had to make a sharp turn at the bottom making it very likely to roll your cart at the bottom .
Team waiting at the top is Phil Armstrong

Dune Mushers Mail Run


Huskihaus Siberian's Individual photos


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