3-31-85 ~ 6-20-01

Am. and Can. Champion
Stonehaven Challenger
R.O.M.  C.G.

Sire: Champion Solo ROM
Dam: Ch. Brenden's Busybody

Breeder-James Lenahan
Co-Owner-  Sharon Lawernce

Chad was a Multible Terrier GroupWinner
Pictured Dec. 1987 winning his first Group
(And Mine!) At the  Portland Kennel Club Bench Show

Judge Mr Joe Tacker

Chad finished at 11 months at the national specialty, Best of Winners under judge David Kline.
Chad was my first special, and what a dog to start with! He taught me so much along the way.
Always owner handled, he was a top ten Border Terrier in the US from 1987 though 1992.
He was #2 all systems in 1988. Chad was  twice a top ten Border Terrier in Canada.

Chad always thought that all dog shows are held just for his pleasure and planned to come out of retirement every time I loaded the car for a show.

Chad produced seven Champions, one from  the Woody daughter Ch. Terraholm Woodscamp and one from Ch Jocasta Just Sara CG ROM, plus five out of the Woody daugther Ch Jocasta Just Lizzy O'Shalan ROM, One of these, Ch. Shalan's Terraholm Solitaire is the dam of my Am. Can. Ch. Terraholm Shalan's Karleeann.


Chad age 5 and at an Earthdog test



I will remember...a 4 month old  NY born puppy strutting off a plane....
and how he looked around and  declared "Oregon huh? Well I own it"

I will remember.....finishing him at the first western specialty under
Dave Kline, I was still new in borders and it was an amazing day.
Chad was a large part of that.

I will remember... his tenacity in everything he did, in a barn hunting he
moved nearly about a half ton of hay in just a few minutes, all for a
mouse the size of my thumbnail..

I will remember... the way we learned together to present a special...him
faster than I,  and winning our first group together. I had to be prepared
for when the judge said "take them around" he 'took off' on the first
word, no matter the dog ahead in line in his way.

I will remember... sounding like someone was stabbing a cat with an ice
pick if his diner was 5 minutes late or I had the audacity to trim his

I  will remember...
His sheer joy of being in the show ring, he lived for the next show at
least as much as I did.
Ask him "where's the dog show" and at home he screamed and headed for the
car. Asked at ringside he would holler and drag you to the ring.  At a
show long after he retired he seemed content to visit until he saw the
terrier group enter the ring...

I will remember... his lack of sportsmanship, how much he hated to lose,
his confusion if he did not make the cut, and the glaring daggers at the
judge if we did not stop in the middle of the ring.

I will remember... his memory...he lived a border fantasy one night when a
huge rat swam up into the toilet. It picked the wrong house...chad for the
next 8 years checked the toilet for rats every trip near the bathroom.

So I will remember my chad...and with his great granddaughter here in my
lap, I take comfort in that he lives on in more than just my memory....

Am. Can. Champion Stonehaven Challenger CG ROM
March 31, 1985 ~ June 20,2001

Chad at 15 years


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